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About: Insights from my own personal journey.

We love fast and furious, waves of excitement that remind us of life.  We love passionate encounters, secret rendezvous’ with the slightly mysterious.  We love the slightly dangerous, the intriguing, and the unpredictable.  We are mesmerized by the fantasies told and untold in countless stories and images.  It is like a sweet seduction into the forbidden and the deliciously naughty.

We believe that there is a hidden world somewhere, a club of sorts that requires an invitation to enter. It is a step forward into the unknown where we are certain happiness lies.  It lives there, infecting the lucky few with joy and laughter, and surrounding us with wondrous delights that work through all of our senses.  Eye captivating beauty, alluring smells, titillating touch, and sweet whispers of the promises we have longed to hear. 

How do we get in? Is there something we need to do? Someone we need to meet?  What are the requirements?  We would do them. Sacrifice, pinch, pull, and torture our way to invitation.  If someone would only reveal the right combination of behaviors, attributes, even possessions that would get us the key to this blissful happiness. 

Instead we fight for a taste.  Strive for the brief encounter that demonstrates the reality of this place.  We may jump full force, blindfolded into the illusion, hoping for the briefest assurance of eternal joy. We may even give up the stable, the secure, the reliable, for a single moment in a world far from our own.  Far from responsibilities, boredom, and our simple day to day experiences.  We may run from the complications, the disappointments, and the quiet unraveling of our childlike dreams. 

And in that moment, we find ourselves inadequate for this glory, insufficient for the beauty of this place. It slips through our fingers and slides by us as we look at all the ways we are unprepared to hold on.  It’s loss blamed on our insecurities. 

If only we had known where the secret was hidden, where the magic began.  If only …we had checked inside.

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